About Us
We are here to help your business use visual communication effectively.
We live in a world of visual communication - social media, print, websites, point of sale displays - the list goes on.
Marcus Sheridan, author of "They Ask, You Answer" says "In today's world all businesses must be multi media companies first".
Businesses have to compete visually in today's world, and we recognise there are a lot of small businesses struggling with that.
We provide full visual asset production in house - video, photo, graphic design and motion graphics. We also operate as a creative agency bringing highly talented hand picked freelancers to our client projects for services such as hand drawn and digital illustration, drone photography and video, and other visual practitioners.
However we differ to other creative agencies in that we also run assessment, coaching and mentoring programmes for businesses.
We have solutions for all budgets from commissioning us to produce a visual content bank for your next product launch, through to creative production coaching programmes to assist you in producing your own visual content.
If you'd like to know more then get in touch.​​​​​​​
Annerley Johnson worked as a Marketing Director in the leisure and entertainment industry for over a decade before attaining an MA is Visual Communication and subsequently working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. Annerley is passionate about assisting businesses to communicate a consistent holistic visual identity. 
James Connolly is a film maker and audio production specialist with a degree in Time-Based Media. James has worked in public broadcasting at The BBC, commercial video and audio production and motion graphics for over fifteen years. 
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